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Resources for Grant Seekers

Grant writing -
Tutorials, Tips and Templates


Basic Elements of Grant Writing
Successful grant writing involves the coordination of several activities, including planning, searching for data and resources, writing and packaging a proposal, submitting a proposal to a funder, and follow-up. Part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting website, this web page outlines the guideposts and process applicable to most grant proposals.

Non-Profit Guides: Grant Writing Tools for Non-profit Organizations
Includes basic steps and examples of inquiry letter, proposal components, budgets and different types of proposal formats.

Proposal Writing: Internet Resources
A list of grant writing guideline and tutorial web sites.  (This is part of the Grants Information Center at the University of Wisconsin Madison.)


10 Most Common Reasons Grants are Declined


Templates and sample formats are included in most of the grant writing tutorial web sites.

Common Grant Application Format (sponsored by Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania)
Participating foundations affiliated with Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania will accept this format when nonprofit organizations apply to them for funding. The format should be used as an outline and guide for organizing your grant proposals and is not intended as a stock proposal form. It is intended to be adapted to suit the particular concerns and goals of each grant-maker.

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